What Is Canola Oil?

Research is the key to determine what is canola oil and its real potential benefits to man. Canola oil comes from the rapeseed bearing plant. Canola oil is extracted from the small seeds of the yellow flowering plant that belongs to the plant family, Brassica. In the 1970s, canola oil was produced from its parent plant, rapeseed. However, one should not be confused with rapeseed and canola because their nutritional values differ from one another.

Production of Canola Oil
Canada is one of the largest canola oil suppliers in the world. Canola oil accounts for an estimated 78% of the country’s total production of edible oils in the world market according to statistical data. Canadian farmers grow canola seeds as a commodity crop because of its high demand in the international market. Soon after harvest, the ripe seeds are bought by big suppliers from the U.S. and Canada to be processed for market consumption. The canola seeds are subjected to grading standards established by the National Institute of Oilseed

Processors and Canadian Grain Commission. The levels of erucic acid are checked to determine if such levels are safe for further processing.

Health Benefits of Canola Oil vs Other Vegetable Oils
The health benefits of canola oil are popular. Canola oil suppliers emphasize the nutritional attributes of canola oil when they advertise it in the market. One of the most attractive benefits of canola oil is its low saturated fat content compared to other vegetable oils. This makes it healthier than most vegetable oils in the market since it gives lower calories when consumed.

Canola oil also contains high monounsaturated fatty acids which are known to lower cholesterol levels according to health professionals and medical organizations. Unlike other vegetable oils, canola oil contains moderate levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Other nutrients can also be found in canola oil such as Vitamin E.

Cooking and Preparing Food with Canola Oil
Like other vegetable oils, the consuming public is assured that canola oil is cholesterol-free. This makes it ideal to cook food by deep frying with canola oil. The canola oil’s nutritional attributes can contribute to an individual’s need to maintain a healthy diet. The fats present in canola oil can become an additional source or energy for the cells in the body. Fats in canola also help in the quick absorption of vitamins A, D and E during consumption.

In understanding what is canola oil, it is essential to know the benefits and uses of such a product. The reduced saturated fatty acids in canola oil have led to its widespread use in many countries around the world. Today, canola oil is used in different food preparations. It can be used when preparing salad. Canola is also preferred when for frying food. It is used in the production of shortenings, margarines and included in the preparation of food that contains vegetable oil.

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