Flare Up The Romance With A Switzerland Honeymoon

Raising the bar in terms of romance with your partner is never impossible with a sweet and unforgettable Switzerland honeymoon. As we all know, Switzerland is well known for its marvelous and picturesque sceneries you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Despite the many other options for a remarkable European honeymoon, the land surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains and natural wonders will surely make it to the top of any couples honeymoon destination list.

If you fancy walking along moderately busy streets of cobble, then a Switzerland honeymoon may just be perfect for you. Should the wife (or even the husband) be shopaholic, duty-free shopping an array of endless choices of watches, designer bags, jewelries to name a few may just be the bonus you are looking for, as Geneva, offers these to any wanting shopper.

Who would forget about another thing the Swiss is famous for – chocolate. The world renowned Toblerone has its home in the Alps. Taking the gastronomical experience up a notch, cheese and a wide variety of dairy products are at its finest in Switzerland. Sample your palates and make your Switzerland honeymoon extra memorable by sampling your taste buds in what only the Swiss offers.

For those on the other hand who are thrill-seekers, pumping up your adrenaline by putting on those skis and making slalom downhill will make both hearts beat faster. For a more intimate honeymoon, heading off to Burgenstock and enjoying the extravagant hotels and restaurants is definitely a must. There, you will be able to experience world class accommodation and VIP treatment, but of course, for a VIP price.

To liven up your Switzerland honeymoon, a visit to Zurich is suggested. Home to the nigh-life of Switzerland, grabbing a cocktail and trying out Swiss made beer can be interesting. Getting around Switzerland is also fast, easy and convenient as they have a very organized train system which can take you from one place to another in roughly 2-3 hours. The train ride too can be very rewarding as the breathtaking views are not to miss.

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