Fashionable Hello Kitty Watches For Women In 2011

Hello Kitty isn’t just a brand aimed at children as the more fashionable items are now being worn my women.  Hello Kitty watches for women are one such item and can add some glamour to any type of outfit or budget.  Here are a few of our favorite Hello Kitty watches that are for sale online this year meaning you can look cool in 2011.

Women’s Hello Watch with Chunky Black Dial

This one looks serious and tough, but of course includes the Hello Kitty logo so can’t be taken too seriously!  The watch itself comes all in black and is extremely durable which means it best used by women who lead an active lifestyle.  It is designed by the Simmons Jewelry Company.

Hello Kitty Leopard Print Watch for Women

This one is a bit more fun and trashy – but then that’s a great look this year although slightly tongue in cheek!  The strap is fake leopard skin in pink and the watch face is black with a close-up Hello Kitty face and pink bow.

Women’s Studded Punk Hello Kitty Watch

If you want to give the impression of having punk attitude then you can’t go far wrong with this women’s Hello Kitty watch which just screams with a rebel yell.  It includes a black leather strap with studs on so would go perfectly for women going to a rock or punk gig.

As you can see there are many different women’s Hello Kitty watches to suit most occasions.  Of course, the fashion doesn’t just stop there as there are also clothing lines you can purchase from in order to really complete the look.

A quick web search will reveal many different Hello Kitty T Shirt designs ranging from cute baby doll tees, to T Shirts for Plus Size women.  Most Hello Kitty T Shirts come with an amusing slogan with a large sized logo on – and some girls and women even make their own using traditional screen printing companies once they have designed their own.

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